Welcome to our introductory pages of golfchipadvisor.com
Welcome to our introductory pages of golfchipadvisor.com



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 women's amateur golf organisation

Welcome to GOLFCHIPADVISOR in association with Wagolf.org and www.CHIPnChat.com the genuine Dedicated Golf Social Network ' without the clutter'.


Golf Chip Advisor was formed in March 2014 and provides a social network for golf enthusiasts only, we do'nt want to know about what you had for dinner or if your front door has just been painted, we prefer to know about your golf successes or failures, which we all have from time to time.


Join our golf epidemic - enjoying golf


Our new pages currently under construction include features, reports, golf information and competitions as well as links to partners who provide a range of golf holidays, equipment and information.


Input your personal information


As a regular visitor to these pages you will see changes being made and things introduced including, from time to time, free competitions for golf gifts. In 2017 we gave away a free ticket to attend the Open at Royal Birkdale in July which was a big success.


Be successful be a part of our success


If you want to join our Dedicated Golf Social Network then visit us at www.CHIPnChat.com  and register for FREE or click on one of the many links in these pages.


Encourage others to be a part of the experience


Have a browse through our pages and see what we are about and even meet the family and enjoy our hospitality. During 2018 we hope to bring our readers lots of information about golf and we hope you as readers will send into us your stories, good or bad.


Fun - Join in the fun - create a platform


By joining our Dedicated Golf Sopcial Network you can be a partner in our growth, build a network and create a position of influence in how our organisation will grow, spread the word and be an integral part of the future.




We support and promote the interests of local business and you too can take advantage of our FREE offer to promote your small business to our growing number of readers.

Swirlz Ice Cream Emporium in Pocklington, East Yorkshire is a family run business and offers an excellent range of HOME MADE ice creams, yes HOME MADE and they are delicious, so if you are visiting the area, pop in and let them know where you read about them, i may even get a free cornet, the boss is on the right !!


As a professional club fitter, builder and repair company Justin at Green Lantern Golf provide a common sense approach to giving advice to golfers about their clubs.

Although he is not a swing teacher, he possesses extensive knowledge about the golf swing which helps the golfer find the right clubs and as such is able to provide advice on the clubs they use and as a club maker can give the golfer good advice and support and if required custom fit products.

Contact; www.greenlanterngolf.com

If you are stuck in a beginners rut then you can receive a FREE Introduction to Golf and learn about etiquette and other issues you may never have known, improving your understanding of the complex game of golf.

Go to; www.greenlanterngolf.com  and have fun




This was the entrance to the greatest golf competition in the world the British Open Golf Championship which was held at Royal Birkdale in July, this years event will be at Carnoustie in Scotland and we look forward to another great week of golf however the R&A are scheduled to make another mess of things for the visitors. Not only is is very expensive to go into the event circa £250 for the week you cannot come out and go back in without paying and that is a disgrace, your trapped. Inside the corporate circus has you by the short and curlies on extortionate prices and if you want to watch it on TV then you need to buy Sky. The R&A simply do not care about the spectator, it's all about money, money and then money so budget £1000 for the week or simply do not go.

What are the ten most lovely courses in the world well looking at the video what do you think ?

What about these UK courses ?

No prizes for guessing the bottom picture, of course its where the 2017  146th Open was played Royal Birkdale in Southport.

This year 2018 it will be at Carnoustie, are you going?


If you look through these pages you will find a link to Royal Birkdales professional shop where you will find some great golf gear to buy and at excellent prices.




As a business you can now advertise your goods and services on out web pages with a growing viewing public and supported by our new dedicated golf social network at CHIPnChat.com we can put your business in front of the golfing community around the globe.





At Golf Chip Advisor we are building a future for our loyal golfing community and creating a versitile dedicated golf social network where people can communicate and post video's and pictures without the clutter associated with an other social network. Golf is our Business so advertise your golf business on our growing pages to our growing membership.





Having welcomed you to our web pages we can tell you about our commitment to providing the golfing community with a Dedicated Golf Social network which is easy to use and easy to register and for FREE.

Our aim is to create a versitile social network for golf enthusiasts and during 2018 we aim to produce our exclusive range and limited edition of golf wear, THE FUTURE IS -- EXCITING

              JOIN US NOW @



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Registered 17th April 2014

(c) TM 2015


Our New Website

In 2017 we have designed wagolf.org specifically for women golf enthusiasts and in 2018 have linked this to CHIPnChat.com our Dedicated Golf Social Network which is free to register and use.

Our hopes are that women golfers read and enjoy the content and most of all join us at www.chipnchat.com and post some  picures and video's and editorial for us to show. Especially pictures of golfing events they have been to or social events they have taken part in or events that are going to take place please let us know.

Over the coming season we will be promoting several golf items and we again invite you to take a look.


If you are a golf society and looking for golf wear then contact us at wagolf.info@gmail.com or gca.limited@gmail.com and we can provide you with excellent quotations for tops, trousers, jumpers and blouses provided with your society or personal name.


Advertise your Business

Advertising is expensive and in providing your business with our social network, you can save many thousands of pounds marketing to our growing audience of readers and of course FRIENDS.


Breast Cancer UK

It is our intention to support our chosen charity. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and our support of this wonderful charity goes toward the vital work they do to support victims of this terrible yet curable disease.

If you are interested in raising money for Breast Cancer UK please e-mail wagolf.info@gmail.com telling us of how you can help support this charity and in turn we will help you in your fund raising event. You can even become a local agent for the charity by going to their web site and reading about this opportunity. 


Your Interest Published

Why not e mail us at wagolf.info@gmail.com or gca.limited@gmail.com and tell us what you would like us to include in our web pages. This web site is for you to enjoy so let us know what you want us to publish.

Any items suggested and published we will send you a voucher to redeam against any of our wag.com branded products we sell on wagolf.org.


My first blog!


Feb 13, 2018
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My first post!

Feb 13, 2018
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We are currently taking interest from potential investors to develop our web pages during 2018.

In return we are providing share options to investors in the only genuine dedicated golf social network.

We will raise £50.000 which will be used in the development of the web sites and social network.

gca.limited@gmail.com for confidential interests only.

As you have probably read in these pages we are currently looking at working with YELL to bring to you an exciting new web site with a direct link to our dedicated Golf Social network at www.CHIPnChat.com.

Unlike Facebook we will however not be allowing advertising to infringe on our members pages however we will be allowing advertising and promotions on our visitors pages.

You can join CHIPnChat by filling in the simple registration form on the front page. Go to the Social network by clicking on one of the many opportunities you will find on these pages, look for; www.chipnchat.com and click me, fill in the simple form and away you go and you can enjoy a dedicated golf network which is simple to use with a simplified layout providing members with an opportunity to form groups of friends, post video's and pictures, chat on the instantmessaging or simply make new friends by sending out friends requests or replying to them.

We look forward to you taking a good look at the pages, enjoying what you see and during 2018 we will be introducing new services to you all to enjoy and all for FREE.






Keeping my hat on is not easy  at Holy Island. Just having a golf break between games, it was ven harder on the course.

Can you name the golfing venues below of you can name them all send a message to gca.limited@gmail.com

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